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Web Server

Post by Desrat » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:07 pm

Web server version now available. Users will require some html (links/tables/frame-sets) knowledge to get the most out of this.

Initial read me file can be read HERE and will be amended as new info/changes come online

The program needs to be installed and run on the server machine (i.e the pc running the game) - this acts as a web server in that you can connect to it using your LAN IP ( for example) and it will send the HTML (images and all) to the browser on the input device/machine your using.

This can be any device with a web browser that can connect to your internal home network such as another pc, mac, smartphone, tablet or anything else you can think of.

The browser has no physical control over your pc as such, but when you click a button/link a custom command that my web server app knows how to interpret is sent.

This web server app then sends the required key press/es.

Also included is a small web client that doesnt gain active focus when you click it if anyone does want to try this in Local mode on the same pc as the server.

To use this a FireFox activeX control needs to be installed - Download Here

I appreciate not everyone can write a profile in HTML but I'm sure there are many out there that would love to use JavaScript and the like - that's why this won't replace the Local & Client/Server methods people know and love in TouchBuddy and is meant as a 3rd option for those who do know some HTML - It just allows that extra degree of choice.

WebProfile needs to be extracted to the Data\Docs folder found in the TD WebServer folder - unless creating your own profiles of course.


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